An update on LiveHisLove || Where we are at and Where we plan on going
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An update on LiveHisLove || Where we are at and Where we plan on going

Damion Taylor LiveHislove update

An update on LiveHisLove || Where we are at and Where we plan on going

Where We Are At

LiveHisLove launched early this year with high hopes, a big dream, and almost NO EXPERIENCE! Hahaha. 

The last few months have been incredibly humbling but very constructive. I have learned more than I ever imagined how hard it is to be an effective leader, entrepreneur and Christ follower. The amazing part is that as hard as it is and as discouraging as it can be at times, I have never felt better about life. Honestly, LiveHisLove did not take off as fast as I thought or hoped it would but the fact that I am putting every ounce of effort I have into something I believe will be worthwhile for the kingdom of God is so incredible! It is such a great feeling to rebuke passivity and follow Christ! (Not that I don't still struggle with being passive, the struggle is real!) 

Next Step

So with the first few months down and a slow and steady wins the race growth. We have decided to move forward with the next step! LiveHisLove is going to start roasting their own coffee! Thats right, the coffee we sell will soon be fresher than ever coming straight from the LiveHisLove warehouse! (AKA my house!) We will keep you more up to date with that as it progresses. 

The Future Vision For Coffee and LiveHisLove

LiveHisLove does not intend to be just a coffee store, or a coffee roaster or a coffee anything! Yes, we love coffee, but more importantly we see such a possibility with the ministry opportunity's that coffee opens the door to. Coffee is an incredibly large industry generating billions of dollars every year, yet the farmers are largely exploited. We have a dream that one day could it be possible to send teams of people to impoverished countries and peoples that can teach them to farm coffee and then we can already have a sustainable business in the states (LiveHisLove) That can buy the coffee at a fair price and then sell it back in the states!. Would that eat at the profit margins for LiveHisLove? YES!! But we do not want a company full of people making 6 figures when the farmers are selling their children on the side just to live! Its possible to make this happen and I pray that you will stand with us! Join the fight! :) 


Getting involved!

Like mentioned above we are a brand new company and are welcomed to any thoughts, ideas, experiences, or anything else that you believe would help improve and/or complete this mission! You can contact us here!


About the Author

Damion Taylor

Damion Taylor is the founder of LiveHisLove. He is married to his best friend Keira Leigh Taylor and has a baby boy named Korban. Looking to passionately serve Christ, Damion has devoted his life to faithfully following the holy spirit and this led him to start LiveHisLove.

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