First post - From Damion & Keira Taylor – LiveHisLove
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First post - From Damion & Keira Taylor

Damion Taylor LiveHisLove The Launch

First post - From Damion & Keira Taylor

Hey everybody! 

My wife and I just founded a company called LiveHisLive, an e-commerce website based out of Billings, MT. We are committed to seeking justice and serving the Lord in any way He might call us to.

We are working on getting all the details sorted out. There is so much to do with web design, product decisions ect. so things are slow. However, I am working as hard as possible to get the ball rolling and your support means so much! I will keep you up to date with the progress of our mission. So subscribe or just come back to see whats happening next.


-Damion and Keira Taylor

About the Author

Damion Taylor

Damion Taylor is the founder of LiveHisLove. He is married to his best friend Keira Leigh Taylor and has a baby boy named Korban. Looking to passionately serve Christ, Damion has devoted his life to faithfully following the holy spirit and this led him to start LiveHisLove.

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