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About MyFight


To make their fight, MyFight, we address the root issue more than the symptoms of the problem. As we see it, the problem which underlies the greatest injustices in our world is fundamentally extreme poverty. Women are often at the most risk in extreme poverty, consequently so are their children. 

We are all accustomed to seeing sad pictures of women and associating such images with "the problem of Africa" or "the problem of_____". 

We disagree.

We see the women of Honduras as the solution to the problem of extreme poverty, and low employment in Honduras.  Same with Guatemala, Uganda, Ethiopia, and every other country we work in.

To break the chains of poverty, we empower women to start small businesses or find employment. When we started, we sold quirky, trendy graphic tees to generate revenue with which we provide microloans to impoverished women in order to start small businesses. Obviously, the more shirts sold, the more loans we could give.

As we turned four years old, we started offering high quality and stunning hand-crafted products made by these poverty-ending women entrepreneurs. We partner with women in Ethiopia who craft jewelry from spent bullet casings; ladies in Uganda who make very beautiful and durable sandals; and women in Honduras and Guatemala who employ traditional Myan methods and patterns to produce beautiful scarves, table runners, and other textiles.

We don´t sell trinkets, we sell products that have literally changed the lives of the women who make them. We are business, ending poverty. We sell products made with dignity and pride, we pay them well for their products and ask for the same consideration from you.

You can find out more about MyFight and what they do at www.MyFight.org